About Us

CWS Wheels is China's leading alloy and steel wheel supplier, steeped in history and automotive experience. Owned by the SHANGHAI CWS AUTO PARTS GROUP LTD, we are one of several automotive aftermarket brands delivering quality and performance parts to vehicle owners worldwide. Since the foundation of our company, becoming an industry leader in innovation has been one of our top priorities. We accomplish this through cooperation with scientific research institutions, which improve the quality and speed of production. Our current portfolio of over 180 luxury rims has been designed using innovative techniques and customer research. We also employ a very successful R&D department that is able to work with customers on an individual basis, creating unique products that fit their needs in an unparalleled amount of time.


Shanghai CWS Auto Parts Group Ltd. was established in 1999 with the vision to manufacture exotic aluminum alloy wheels that possess impeccable style and quality. Our products are crafted from the finest aluminum alloy to add a unique, designer touch to your vehicle.

Mission Statement

Innovation is not just a word for Shanghai CWS Auto Parts Group, it is what drives our company to deliver the most unique, high-quality wheels and rims to our customers. In order to set ourselves apart from other aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers, we approach all of our processes through the lens of innovation. Whether it be our wheel designs, industry-leading warranty service, or our interactions with customers, we place a great emphasis on not only continuing what has brought us success in the past, but also looking at how we might do things better.

These are the commitments and beliefs that have formed our business philosophy: “Integrity-Oriented, Moral Power Adorns the World,” which guides all of the decisions made by our company.