Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing facility in the beautiful Shanghai Baoshan City Industrial Park helped inspire our designs, fusing traditional Chinese beauty with modern flair. A beautiful 16.4 acre campus excites our creativity to conceive products that meet the exacting demands of vehicle customization enthusiasts worldwide. Our 12,000 square meter manufacturing facility enables us to produce 800,000 aluminum alloy wheels annually, and growing.

Casting Methods


At CWS we use four different casting methods in order to deliver our customers a range of products at different price points.


One-Piece Cast Wheels

The first is One-Piece Cast wheels, which consists of pouring molten aluminum into a mold, creating a cast wheel in the mold’s shape. Three types of procedures used in this method include: low pressure/gravity, counter pressure, and high counter pressure molding (HCM). A wheel manufacturer will select a particular method according to the weight, strength, and finish that they have specified for that design. Naturally, the more sophisticated and costly methods produce lighter and stronger wheels but at a higher price.


The second type of casting method we use is FlowForm, which begins the same as a cast wheel but differs when the wheel approaches the barrel step. The barrel is spun, heated and then pressed between steel rollers that pull the rim to its final width and shape. This creates a lighter and stronger rim compared to regular cast wheels, but without the expense of a forged wheel.


Forged/Billet wheels are our next casting method, which consists of forging a material called billet – a solid piece of dense aluminum. The forge, a huge machine that exerts thousands of pounds of pressure on the metal, presses or rolls the billet into its fundamental form. This forging is then placed in a machine that adds details to the wheel as well as supplying it with a final finish. This process allows wheels to be built with much less material, resulting in lighter weight and unique designs that are also much stronger compared to other methods.

Multi-Piece Wheels

The final casting method which we use at CWS is called Multi-Piece wheels. It combines all of the other processes to produce a wheel of a particular strength and weight at a designated price. For example, some wheels have a cast aluminum center welded to a steel outer or barrel. Another type of two-piece construction features a billet center welded to a rolled outer (extruded aluminum rolled into a hoop). Still other wheels feature a split outer so that widths and offsets can be made to custom specifications. The last method is a three-piece construction where the center can be cast, billet or forged, and is usually attached to the outer assembly by special screws or rivets.